will be awarding our spotters with cash prizes every quarter, starting in April 2013. $3,000.00 in cash can be won EACH QUARTER by participating as a spotter!

How to Participate and Qualify for Our Cash Prize Draw?
Sign Up to become our gas price spotter. Earn at least 3,000 points a quarter and QUALIFY to participate in our quarterly draw.

There are many ways to EARN POINTS and it is very EASY to earn 3,000 points and more every quarter.. The more points you earn, the better your chances are to WIN! To find out more information click here.

When Will the Cash Prize Draw be Held and Winners Announced?
The cash prize draw will be held every 2nd of the quarter at 4:00 PM (EST-Eastern U.S. Time). A raffle draw will be held for all the qualified spotters from the previous quarter. The winners will be announced right away and posted on our website.

Cash Prize Draw FAQs
1. How to earn points?
It is very easy to earn 3,000 points and more a quarter because there are many ways to earn them such as:
  • 100 points will be automatically credited to you when you sign up to be a spotter.
  • 10 points for reporting one gas price of one gas station. For example, if you report regular, midgrade, premium prices of a gas station, you earn 30 points. And, if these prices are reported twice daily you earn 60 points.
  • 500 points for referring a friend to be a spotter.
  • 40 points for reporting a new gas station.
  • 20 points for reporting the change of a gas station, including information such as gas station name, address, phone number, etc.
2. Can I have more than one entry for the Cash Prize Draw per quarter?
Yes. A spotter with 3000+ quarterly points is qualified to have one Prize Draw Entry. If you have more quarterly points, you are qualified to have more Prize Draw Entries. Below you will find a list with the amounts of points required for a spotter to receive more than one Prize Draw Entries.

3. How do I get paid if I win?
We will announce the winniners on our website and notify each winner via email. Winners must repond and provide us with your mailing address in 5 business days. Once your are a confirmed quarterly prize winner we will mail you a check within 30 business days!

4. When will I receive my raffle numbers?
All raffle numbers will be e-mailed to you by 4:00 PM (EST-Eastern U.S. Time) of the 1st of every quarter. The raffle cash prize draw will be held at 4:00 PM (EST-Eastern U.S. Time), 2nd of the quarter. Your raffle numbers will also be shown in your account as well.

5. Can I see other spotters' raffle numbers?
Yes. We will post all spotter IDs with raffle numbers on our website before the prize draw takes place.

6. If I win a cash prize will my picture get on the website?
Yes! All of our quarterly cash prize winners get their picture on the website. We list your first name, town, and show your picture on our "Wall of Winners" section.

7. How do I get gas prices to post?
There are many ways to find gas prices. You can write them down when you see them in your local area, and you can also find gas prices from home by using a web search for "local gas prices" or by visiting other websites.

8. Where can I find a list of winners?
You can find a list of raffle winners for previous quarters on our Wall of Winners section. You can look at your raffle tickets and claim your prize on our Quarterly Spotter Raffle section.

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