What is the GasPriceWatch Wall of Winners?
Each month we award $3,000.00 in prizes to our spotters (members who update gas prices) via a raffle. The more you update prices and are involved with GasPriceWatch, the more raffle entries you get each month. If you would like to learn more about how it works, click here for the details of our monthly spotter raffle. The Wall of Winners shows our raffle winners from previous months.

You can look up winners for previous months here in our Wall of Winners. Winners are shown for the month in which they were active and generated spotter points.

For instance, if you update prices throughout the month of January, on February 1st, you would be emailed your raffle tickets for activity in January. On February 2nd, the raffle draw would take place and winners are notified. The spotter can then find his name on the Wall of Winners and claim their prize for that month.

Congratulations to our winners! Please check both of your inbox and spam folder for the prize claiming email we sent to you. If you do not receive it, please contact us and we will email you the instruction again. All checks will be sent between 15th and 25th.

The Wall of Winners (Mar. 2013)
SpotterWinning Raffle Ticket NumberPrize
22114$1000.00 (1st Prize)
glorioussnookie76$500.00 (2nd Prize)
Havegun85$100.00 (3rd Prize)
Linda1955161$100.00 (3rd Prize)
remay207$100.00 (3rd Prize)
save$$$230$100.00 (3rd Prize)
snowball2013242$100.00 (3rd Prize)
chen21128$50.00 (4th Prize)
ecnirP51$50.00 (4th Prize)
I-drive-a-Honda90$50.00 (4th Prize)
J78696$50.00 (4th Prize)
jcdakota105$50.00 (4th Prize)
JCpatriots114$50.00 (4th Prize)
jimnecci123$50.00 (4th Prize)
kelkay136$50.00 (4th Prize)
pbnmsu17195$50.00 (4th Prize)
waynef51261$50.00 (4th Prize)
augisdad14$30.00 (5th Prize)
beanieball19$30.00 (5th Prize)
drfield43$30.00 (5th Prize)
ford2003d66$30.00 (5th Prize)
foreyearrunner71$30.00 (5th Prize)
Kennypage145$30.00 (5th Prize)
LogansGasPrices167$30.00 (5th Prize)
mrkel179$30.00 (5th Prize)
robfrey216$30.00 (5th Prize)
tfsmith249$30.00 (5th Prize)
largobob153$200.00 (Top Spotter Prize)

Winners Who Claimed Prizes (Mar. 2013)
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