Unlock Personalized Lotto Numbers with Astrology & Numerology-Based Tools

Welcome to our unique lottery number generator, where astrology and numerology merge to enhance your chances of winning. Simply input your personal details like birthdays, anniversaries, and meaningful numbers, and our system will craft personalized combinations tailored just for you. Whether you prefer random draws or structured wheels, our tools are designed to align the stars in your favor.
 The 2 Ancient Arts

Tens of millions of people around the world understand the power of Astrology and Numerology. My Astro Picks generate combinations based on these two ancient arts.

Astrology holds that our daily lives are affected by the movement of the sun, moon and planets. In My Astro Picks, your picks are determined by an algorithm established by the position of the sun when you were born. Sun signs are associated with the elements of fire, earth, air and water. Certain elements work well together while others are in conflict. Your luckiest dates or times are when the sun is in an element of the planet that is compatible with your sign's ruling element or planet.

The ancient art of numerology is the study of occult meanings of numbers. Certain numbers, such as phone numbers, anniversaries, addresses, appear more frequently in your daily life. There are other important aspects of your life - your name, your family members' names and birthdays, your license plate number, your social security number - that appear frequently in your life and hold significance. My Astro Picks converts these into combinations of numerological importance that can reveal your personal winning pattern.

People have won huge jackpots by putting Astrology and Numerology to work for them.

 How My Astro Picks work?

To use My Astro Picks, simply enter your date of birth, your name and select the game to play, the date to play, you will be prompt all the numbers significance astrologically and numerologically:
  • Primary birth numbers
  • Secondary birth numbers
  • Ruling planet number
  • Numerological significance of first name, last name and full name.
  • Lucky numbers of the play day/month/year.
You can use these number to automatically generate 10 combinations randomly or select a wheel to generate wheel combinations.

6 optional fields are supplied to allow you enter any lucky dates, numbers, words, phrases... My Astro Picks will automatically convert these numbers/words/phrases into numerological significance. For example, you can enter

  • family members birthdays/names
  • wedding anniversary
  • license plate number
  • street address
  • your age
  • year of achievement
  • any lucky numbers
  • any words/phrases
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